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Innovation in the production of technical raw materials.

With high quality, we deploy our production to achieve the best results.

From analysis to advice

From analysis to advice

In our laboratory, we go to great lengths to analyze and assess your product in detail. We combine application details with material data to arrive at the ultimate solution. The result? The best components and advice for your vessel, machine or other application.

Product Development

Satisfied with the product proposal? Let’s start the desing proves and decide which shape and economic aspects should be taken into consideration for your request. With our versatile PTFE materials, we offer necessary improvements and cost savings.


After extensive tests, we proceed to the production of the end product. As we have direct access to a wide range of raw materials, we always start our production process as quickly as possible and deliver as per agreed deadline.

Whether it’s a series of 1000 pieces of 10 mm profile seals or special seals of 150 mm in diameter, all possibilities are discussable and producible at Noverno. With advanced processing techniques, we ensure efficient manufacturing that meets the highest quality standards.

Product optimization

In rapidly changing markets, it is crucial to critically examine our products. Our technicians are ready to make existing PTFE products even better, whether it’s about functionality, aesthetics or cost savings. Therefore, you can contact us to revise existing PTFE parts as well.

Noverno’s products

At Noverno, we offer an extensive selection of products for you to choose from. From here, we will customize these products for you, tailored to your specific preferences

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