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35 years of innovative craftsmanship in technical high-quality PTFE

At Noverno, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality PTFE products. Whether it’s small quantities or large series, we are able to smoothly adapt to every demand. Our PTFE seals are manufactured up to a maximum diameter of 1750 mm.

Manufacturing of seals

The advantages of PTFE are widely applicable. It is resistant to chemicals, flexible and low in weight. These characteristics are crucial elements for machines and shipbuilders. With our innovative, flexible and fast approach, we supply high-quality PTFE materials such as PTFE, PUR, PA, PE, POM, HMPE and Polypropylene. Whether you request single items or large series, heavy-duty applications, round or square shapes, we have the expertise and machinery in-house. Our dedicated team is ready every day with advanced quality processes for the production of PTFE products.


About Noverno

With 35 years of experience, Noverno is a trusted name in the world of PTFE products. We specialize in producing PTFE products for the marine industry, machine building and the offshore industry.

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Customization and expertise

With industry-specific machines such as conventional lathes, CNC lathes and milling machines, we are able to produce PTFE parts in various diameters varying up to a maximum diameter of 1750 mm. Additionally, we mill PTFE products in all shapes and sizes as desired by the customer. Our work is mostly focused on customization. We ensure that we have a large quantity of semifinished products in stock so we can quickly and adequately assist in the production process. This guarantees fast delivery times and a suitable product for your application.

Your future in the PTFE manufacturing industry

With our location in Raamsdonksveer, we assist customers throughout Europe. Mostly, we collaborate on projects in vessels and machine development. Turning, milling and collaborating on customer drawings is what you will learn on the job with us. There is no training that prepares you for the technical work we apply at Noverno. Currently, we consist of a team of professionals who carry out their work passionately every day.

Do you want to be part of a group of passionate professionals, but do you have no experience in the world of technical PTFE and PTFE Seals yet? We’d love to introduce you to our day-to-day activities so that you quickly become familiar with our production.


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